F-One 2014

Whilst it seems only yesterday that we were getting excited about the release of the Bandit 6, the time of year has come once again for us to usher in a bevvy of new luvvlies in the form of the Bandit 2014 (no, it is not the Bandit 7!). Since the release of the Bandit 5, which was a significant departure from the B4, the changes to the kite have been iterative, subtle and ultimately refinements of a great design. In fact, the design is now so good that I always fear they'll change it for the sake of changing it.

F-One have retained the effective two pulley simple bridle.
2014 Bandit - up where the air is clear. Pic courtesy of IKSURFMAG
IKSURFMAG editor Rou Chater was at the dealer meeting in Mauritius and has crafted a great overview of the 2014 kites that you can read here.

Clearly the most significant change has been a move to using the new Technoforce fabric from Teijin - providing added strength. At the bar end of things F-One have finally moved to a push-away QR system - something that will be available in early 2014 and retrofittable to older bars, providing a nice upgrade should you wish it. Oh, and they come in some nice new colours too!

I'll post a review of the 2014 Bandit in a few weeks once they make their way into the UK, but needless to say I'm pretty excited to get under one.

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